yoga tours and cruises

  • Copal Yoga Retreat

    YOGA STYLE : Copal Yoga Retreat

    LOCATION : Tulum

    FOOD : Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Pescetarian, Include Meat, Dairy Free, Nut Free

    LISTING OWNER : Janet Willis

    PRICE : $ 1600

    NO OF DAYS : 7 Days

    From: 17-January-2019 To 23-January-2019

  • Expedition of Yoga to the North of India

    YOGA STYLE : Expedition of Yoga to the North of India

    LOCATION : Rishikesh

    FOOD : Vegetarian

    LISTING OWNER : Daniel Gomis

    PRICE : € 895

    NO OF DAYS : 2 Weeks

    From: 12-March-2019 To 24-March-2019

  • Sicilian Spirit Yoga retreat

    YOGA STYLE : Sicilian Spirit Yoga retreat


    FOOD : Vegetarian, Organic

    LISTING OWNER : Vladimir

    PRICE : $ 1400

    NO OF DAYS : 7 days

    From: 08-July-2019 To 15-July-2019

Nurture is an ultimate experience of welfare and adventure on yoga tours and cruises. These are a perfect amalgamation of luxury and wonder designed to satiate the heart and soul of the venturesome and the wanderers. Unwind, relax, and revive in a graceful manner by selecting the best yoga tour and cruise at Wanderlust Yoga Retreats. Feel the harmony instilled both internally and externally on a lush and mystical yoga vacation. Create the most precious memories for life on Yoga Tours and Cruises. Take a soulful journey of Yoga and nurture your soul to the core during the Yoga Tours and Cruises. Our teams of passionate globetrotters and healing experts have selected and brought some of the best Yoga Tours for you

Best Yoga Tours and Cruises

Yoga Weeks, Spain: Located by the Balearic Sea in the cultural capital of Spain, Barcelona, the Yoga Weeks retreat offer a genuine quality of Yoga therapy services to make you feel reanimated. Trips and Adventurous sports organized by the Spanish resort are completely unique in them and filled with enormous joy.

Be Active Montenegro: Merely being at the retreat center, you start realizing the doorstep to heaven. Located in the hilly region of Podi town, scrolling through the abundant mountain vegetation is no less than a feeling of being in the home of the Gods. The resort offers you ultimate tranquility to spend some memorable time with the Self.

Yoga Cruise, Turkey: If you are seeking a soulful redemption from the tiring schedule of the daily life, spend some time boating in the Mediterranean Sea and fill your life with moments of allurement. Yoga Cruise is a venerable name when it comes to offering the traditional standard of Yoga and massage services. There are teachers and practitioners from Thailand and Nepal to serve the aspirants here.

Popular Destinations for Yoga Tours and Cruises

Greece: One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Greece is blessed with numerous islands and other natural beauties along with the bonus of having a stupendous climate. Cruising through the forest road in Mount Pelion, exploring the cultural heritage of Kerkyra town, and glaring the Meteora rock formation are some of the most remarkable things you can do in the country with nearly 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites here.

Spain: Like Greece, Spain is also proud of its natural and historical riches. While a wide range of Yoga, Meditation, and Spa centers are waiting to detoxify your mind and body, there is a substantial number of National parks, Ski centers, biosphere reserves, mountain trails, etc., that are enough to spellbind your soul.

Indian Subcontinent: There is no doubt in the fact that a perfect mixture of Yoga and adventure can be decently found in the subcontinent. While there is no doubt about the yogic potential of the region, the Himalayan trails, stunning beaches, and adventurous sites win your heart. You may explore more of Yogic cultural and spiritual heritage by visiting multiple temples, caves, and ashrams in India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. This is also a country for the most affordable yoga tour.