spiritual retreats

  • Personal Transformation Retreat

    YOGA STYLE : Personal Transformation Retreat

    LOCATION : Puerto Vallarta

    FOOD : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Raw

    LISTING OWNER : Pura Vida Eco Retreat

    PRICE : USD 1990

    NO OF DAYS : 7 days / 7 Night

    STARTING: From:2019-04-22

  • Personal Transformation and Holistic Healing

    YOGA STYLE : Personal Transformation and Holistic Healing

    LOCATION : Puerto Vallarta

    FOOD : Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic

    LISTING OWNER : Pura Vida Eco Retreat

    PRICE : USD 1990

    NO OF DAYS : 7 Day / 6 Night

    STARTING: From:2018-11-19

  • Reiki Master 1st 2nd and 3rd Certification Course With Ft Ann West

    YOGA STYLE : Reiki Master 1st 2nd and 3rd Certification Course With Ft Ann West

    LOCATION : Yelapa

    FOOD : Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic,Ayurvedic

    LISTING OWNER : Pura Vida Eco Retreat

    PRICE : USD 1400

    NO OF DAYS : 6 Day/5 Night

    STARTING: From:2019-01-05

Unravel a journey inwards to the simon-pure soul at Spiritual retreats. Distinct from rejuvenating holidays, Spiritual retreats offer you the opportunity to take a more reflective, long-term approach to the well-being of combining the physical and emotional aspects. An exceptional getaway invites you to embrace the transformation within and in the rest of the life. With an extensive offer of Spiritual Yoga Retreats at Wanderlust Yoga Retreats, find out the one that sanctifies your soul. Browse through the spiritual retreats and book your favorite one. Find your Zen with Spiritual Retreats.

Spiritual retreats undeniably offer opportunities to break free from the doldrums of the daily life and to therapeutically connect with the Self and the universe. In nature’s luxurious setting, experience healing that uplifts the spirits to higher levels, feel spiritually healthy, explore the inner dimensions of the mind, and embrace transfiguration for the rest of the life on spiritual vacations.

Best Spiritual Retreats in the World at Wanderlust Yoga Retreats:

Wanderlust Yoga Retreats highlights the Yoga and Spiritual Retreats to access the deeper aspects of the Self, to reconnect with the core, and to achieve long-term physical, psychical, and emotional well-being. We holistically support and embrace spiritual yoga retreats that incorporate the wisdom of yoga and meditation, principles of healthy eating, the art of Ayurveda, and sacred teachings of Yoga for nourishing and revitalizing the body, mind, and soul. We have listed on our platform some of the selected best spiritual holidays from across the globe organized by the trusted and experienced organizations for each entity willing to start a journey of self-discovery, self-care, and self-love in the most splendid manner.

Indulge in Ideal Spiritual Retreats With Us:

Here is an opportunity to select the ideal Spiritual Yoga Retreats 2018 under one roof. Spiritual getaway is an exceptional time to deeply rejuvenate and to undergo inner awakening. Spiritual vacations present to you the best chance to disconnect from the distractions of the life and to focus on the Self and its well-being. In the embrace of nature’s best creation, a spiritual holiday is a life-transforming voyage of coming closer to the mind and soul through yoga and meditation. Discover the new you with us on spiritual retreats.

Why Go to Spiritual Yoga Retreats?

To Connect with Nature: Living the modern life, we have completely lost touch with the mother earth and with ourselves. There exists a divine connection between us and nature. Each of the spiritual retreat on our platform aspires to connect the individuals to nature and the cosmos within us.

Gain a Fresh Perspective: A spiritual journey in a new location in the company of kindred individuals with the space to explore and connect with the science of yoga that provides a fresh perspective on the life and Self.

For Spiritual Enlightenment: The daily spiritual teachings and practices of meditation and yoga make the individuals feel calm, bestow them with higher consciousness, to make way for spiritual enlightenment.

Embrace Inner Peace: If you find yourself entangled in the daily stress, spiritual retreat is for you. These retreats realign you in a positive and peaceful direction giving you the chance to savor inner peace and connection.

Become a Loving Soul: On spiritual vacations, the entities can delve into solitary practices, simple living, and silence that dissolves marks and evolves into a forgiving and loving human being.

“Create space for compassion, change for better, and adore absolute happiness with Spiritual Retreats.”