spa retreats

  • Ayurveda Retreat

    YOGA STYLE : Ayurveda Retreat

    LOCATION : Varkala

    FOOD : Vegetarian,Vegan

    LISTING OWNER : Rishikul Yogshala

    PRICE : $ 600

    NO OF DAYS : 7 Days

    From: 07-February-2019 To 13-February-2019

  • Bali Health Retreat Oasis

    YOGA STYLE : Bali Health Retreat Oasis

    LOCATION : Denpasar

    FOOD : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Organic,Ayurvedic

    LISTING OWNER : Power of Now Oasis

    PRICE : $ 1400

    NO OF DAYS : 7 days/6 nights

    From: 15-January-2019 To 31-December-2019

  • Copal Yoga Retreat

    YOGA STYLE : Copal Yoga Retreat

    LOCATION : Tulum

    FOOD : Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic, Raw, Pescetarian, Include Meat, Dairy Free, Nut Free

    LISTING OWNER : Janet Willis

    PRICE : $ 1600

    NO OF DAYS : 7 Days

    From: 17-January-2019 To 23-January-2019

  • Yoga and Fitness Holidays Spain

    YOGA STYLE : Yoga and Fitness Holidays Spain

    LOCATION : L'Alfas del Pi

    FOOD : Vegetarian,Vegan,Gluten Free,Pescetarian,Dairy Free

    LISTING OWNER : Nicole Stone

    PRICE : £ 870

    NO OF DAYS : May 5 nights/6 days

    From: 09-May-2019 To 14-May-2019

Refreshment and revitalization assorted with immense opulence are what a Spa Retreat symbolizes. Flush out the toxins from the body and recharge the soul to an optimum level while experiencing the rejuvenating pleasures of Ayurveda. At Wanderlust Yoga Retreats, get your hands on the most elegant and immersive range of Spa Retreats from around the globe. Compare the best Spa Retreats without a hitch and single out the one that suits you the most.

Feel pampered at the heart, body, and spirit at Spa Retreats.

A vacation is an amazing source of complete refreshment of the mind and body but a Spa Retreat marks a wonderful blend of scintillating experiences in the vicinity of nature’s brightest colors. A Spa retreat rejuvenates you to the core by ensuring no toxic element remains present in the body. The life which has become spiritless because of noxious substances gets stimulated. Through a complete herbal massage for the detoxification of the mind and body along with Yoga, Meditation, and various spiritual means, the retreat lets you enjoy the finest moments of your life with great fascination.

Wanderlust Yoga Retreats brings a selection of programs from across the globe from location-selective to spiritual retreats and from beach events to the most affordable Spa Retreats.

Best Spa Retreats in the World

Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal: There would be no exaggeration to say that Six Senses Resort is one of the best Spa retreats in the world. The reason is its location in the hilly area overlooking the Douro River. The spellbinding scenery is accompanied by the best spa service, Meditation experts, and multiple eateries where you can find a vast range of organic cuisines.

Lake Austin Spa Retreat, Texas, USA: Set on the bank of Colorado River in the southern US state of Texas, Lake Austin Resort offers you more than 100 styles of spa services and therapies. The organic riches around the resort are enough to steal your soul and might force you to keep delving in its lap for long. Cooking experts and herbal masters from the Indian subcontinent are most likely to be encountered by you at this resort.

Lefay Resort and Spa, Italy: This Italian resort is located in the middle of Gragnano’s lush rainforests. Experience the extreme peace in addition to the superlative quality of detox services and Yoga programs here. You will also get to witness the picturesque Lago di Garda from the hilltop.

Best Places for Spa Retreats

Mexico: Mexico’s history of Spa and Spirituality is quite fascinating as a good part of the country's economy is generated by this industry. Quality service, best detox experts, and scenic vegetation mark the wellness opulence of this North American country.

New Zealand: The Oceania nation is extremely popular for Spa retreats for several reasons. First, it has a large presence of Indian Ayurveda and massage teachers and second, it has a widely diverse vegetation. You can relish a rejuvenating retreat here along with the pleasant experience of snow-capped mountains and many more mountainous lakes.

Thailand: Any discussion of spa and massage is incomplete without talking about Thailand. The land of smiles is everything that a spa and detox location should be. The country, having the most number of Spa and massage centers is home to some of the world’s best beaches and natural sceneries like waterfalls, mountains, lakes, etc.

Take a step ahead for your personal happiness and well-being with a Spa retreat.