short breaks

  • Retiro de Introduccion a la Filosofia del Yoga en Novo Sancti Petri Cadiz

    YOGA STYLE : Retiro de Introduccion a la Filosofia del Yoga en Novo Sancti Petri Cadiz

    LOCATION : Cadiz

    FOOD : Propia comida

    LISTING OWNER : Retiros del Alma

    PRICE : EUR 150

    NO OF DAYS : 3 Days

    STARTING: From:2018-10-26

  • Personal Transformation and Holistic Healing

    YOGA STYLE : Personal Transformation and Holistic Healing

    LOCATION : Puerto Vallarta

    FOOD : Vegetarian,Vegan,Organic

    LISTING OWNER : Pura Vida Eco Retreat

    PRICE : USD 1990

    NO OF DAYS : 7 Day / 6 Night

    STARTING: From:2018-11-19

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom ", Aristotle. The fundamentals of a healthy body and mind lie in the discovery of what you are. In this busy world and a fast-paced lifestyle, we often forget to take out some time for ourselves. With a lot of distractions, come a lot of problems. All we need is to pause, refresh, and restart. Short Breaks offer the perfect opportunity for fostering mindful awareness of the Self and immerse in tranquility to enhance the overall physical, mental, and spiritual health. Enjoy the salubrious mini-breaks anywhere in the world by selecting the ideal one at Wanderlust Yoga Retreats. Move a step closer to yourself and feel pampered to the core during Short Breaks.

In this world of technology, everything is running as if there is no stopping. People are so busy with the worldly affairs that they don’t have even time to take care of themselves. The generation hardly cares what’s going on around and within. Everybody is just engaged in some work or other like a robot does. Mental agony, body strains are among the primary issues affecting the population. Wanderlust Yoga Retreats takes pride in presenting Short Break Retreats that give people the moments of their own and a chance to get rejuvenated amidst the brightest shades of nature.

Take out some time from your hectic schedule and spend the moments of pleasure with Short Break programs listed on Wanderlust Yoga Retreats. Communicate with your soul and know your body and mind in detail by establishing an ideal connection with your inner self. By selecting Ideal short breaks at Wanderlust Yoga Retreats, you undergo a complete invigoration of the mind, body, and soul. The retreat includes a number of things such as Meditation, Yoga practice, Mindful activities, etc. Through these, the aspirants discover a new way of living healthy.

Pamper yourself with Meditation, Pranayama during these mini Yoga Retreats. In the exuberance of European beaches, cheeriness of the Indian culture, and the vivacity of Thai dishes fill your life with the drops of euphoric elation at the Ideal Yoga Retreats and holistic programs. Choose the best program from our collection of Short Breaks on Wanderlust Yoga Retreats.