Refund and Cancellation Policy

Understanding Event Refund and Cancellation Policy:

For the monetary security, we encourage the visitors on our website to review and comprehend the refund policies of the host center prior to forming a partnership as a program host or booking a program with us as a participant. Often, the policies vary depending upon the type of event.

Deposit Policy:

Wanderlust Yoga Retreats offers a secure online payment platform for booking the events.

The given below cancellation policies are applicable:

  • In the cancellation of any event listed on the website due to the reasons within the jurisdiction of the center or teacher (for instance, the lack of registrations ) and not due to the superior force, the guest will get a full refund within the specified time period.
  • Guests desiring to cancel the reservation for a retreat, yoga program, and tour will be granted a full refund provided a request is made, by an email to the retreat center as well as or within 7 days of deposit.
  • You have a week (7 days) to get a full refund of the deposit and to cancel the booking. After this, the money is non-refundable

Help and Support

Wanderlust Yoga Retreats takes pleasure in connecting the visitors with listed owners of the events if you require any assistance or details regarding your event. Connect with us or Alternatively,
you can contact us +14154293914, or you can chat with us through our contact form on the website.

  • Depending upon the circumstances and the scenarios concerned, it’s at the organizer’s discretion whether the refund will be granted or not.