ayurveda retreat

  • 7 day Ayurveda Retreat

    YOGA STYLE : 7 day Ayurveda Retreat

    LOCATION : Varkala

    FOOD : Vegetarian,Vegan

    LISTING OWNER : Rishikul Yogshala

    PRICE : USD 600

    NO OF DAYS : 7 Days

    STARTING: From:2018-12-07

An Ayurveda Retreat offers immense exhilaration. Along with the soulful ministration of the mind, body, and soul, the Ayurvedic retreats arise extreme animation. Lead yourself to the complete dosha balance by the soulful touch of Ayurveda. Enliven the mind, body, and spirit from deep within during the unique Ayurveda Retreats under the care of prominent Ayurveda Experts and Certified Therapists. Your search for a highly rejuvenating Ayurveda Retreat comes to a conclusion here at Wanderlust Yoga Retreats . 

Heal your body and soul to the core at Ayurveda Retreats.